Introduction: What The Fuck is This Blog?

Welcome to all those with a curious mind,

First of all, as the first blog post, I feel it’s only right to actually introduce the concept of this blog site and present my ideas for further posts.

If you haven’t already gathered from the title, this blog is primarily based on the ramblings of an 18-year-old Muslim girl dealing with her daily life trying to integrate into modern society. As soppy as it sounds, I feel my experiences will help others find their ways out of the maze we call life. These adventures may sound stupid to the ‘average joe’ but sometimes religion can be a bitch, no matter how strong your faith/relationship to God is.

And before you think, “God, not another Muslim trying to shove Islam down our throats”, think again. That is one thing I am strongly against, religion cannot be forced. I want to be the ‘tell all’ in all things that your average religious loonie would faint at. (Ha, these may not be as serious to the regular person). Culture will also play a big part in my opinion, as if you don’t already know it is tied to the hip with religion.

Lastly..All Religions, atheists etc are welcome… whether you want to get a more in-depth perspective on Muslim life or are in a similar position. Also, don’t be fooled by the title, we’re not exclusive to girls.. so guys jump onto the bandwagon. Go on have a little scroll.








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