Alcohol: The First Taste

Wow… such a forbidden subject in the Muslim community.

In most eyes, drinking alcohol is seen as the ultimate betrayal of yourself as a Muslim being. Do I Drink? Yes.. but it was a long process of self-thought and doubt before I finally accepted to forget everything I had been taught and take a sip from the bottle. I know for certain that in most Muslim families, of many cultures, alcohol is highly forbidden. in my own, this is the same, and that is why my parents have no idea.

When I was younger I never thought that I would ever even buy alcohol but as I grew older this grew on my mind and I started questioning this morality. I would ask myself questions like what will I do in university? what if my friends drunk? how would I fit in socially?. I even went to the extent of finding a youtube video on why someone does not drink. Mainly because I wanted to build up a database of excuses to explain to people when they asked me why I didn’t want a drink. My social anxiety played a big part in this, as all I wanted to do was to fit in and become invisible. This whole wondering process occurred during high school when I was 15 when there was an increase in peer pressure. And as I was part of a popular crowd this pressure grew until I finally decided to try it if the moment was put upon me. However my friends didnt force this upon me i made the decision myself.

This opportunity was then presented to me when I turned 16 and was invited to a Halloween house party. Obviously, i had to bring alcohol with me, but its not like I could ask my parents, so I went with a friend who’s mum bought alcohol for us. I instead brought with me a beer pong kit that I had bought earlier. The day of the party I put on my miniskirt and tights and managed to persuade my parents to drop me off at the party saying it was for a birthday. As soon as I got there, the tights came off and were offered a Smirnoff ice. I immediately said yes and took my first sip, it tasted vile but I drunk on (the taste got better). I even participated in beer pong. However, my dad got concerned so I had to leave by 9:00 making the excuse of having a job interview the next day. One bit of advice which I can give to you is the art of pretending you’re not tipsy. This was especially important when my dad picked me up, you have just got to keep a straight face put on perfume before you leave and answer in your regular tone. Also, dont forget to walk straight in a line and keep your mouth shut!.

One thing which I think most Muslim teenagers in this situation would ask but Z didn’t you feel guilty?. And to that I would put yes… guilt affects my actions quite a lot and was one of the reasons I didn’t drink for a while after that (this would change). I felt ashamed, I believe that drinking behind your parents back is even worse when you are religious. As doing this act not only means that you are going to your mum and dad but also against god. You think what will happen when I die? when Allah asks me why I disobeyed his orders, as he is always watching. Life after death affected me after a took my first sip and most people must think that I am a bad person for doing so. But one of my main reasons was so I could explore the forbidden and I ended up loving the environment that it created. The way that drinking socially helped me open up as a person and made me confident. I didn’t get so drunk that I could walk but one or two can’t hurt you. Exploration is key when you’re growing up it helps you find your identity and meet new people. Trying things is important in finding yourself if it’s safe to do so. What people have got to understand here is that my faith was already weak, i felt trapped at home. The culture was my main problem, and my relationship with my mum made me want to rebel against her. Today, i am glad i did so as it has made me a more rounded person, however please drink in moderiety. Overall i glad i did these actions as it helped to close a door in my mind and would shape my actions in the future.

Stereotypes for drinking have been hyped up by movies and personal tales. The way alcohol effects your body depends on how your body takes it i have drunk a lot in the past but have never been able to reach the stage in which I was not in control of my own actions or thought i was superman. if your taking your fisrt drink, my advice would be to not drink as much and make a plan so your parents dont find out.

((Further Posts on Alcohol are Coming Soon))




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