Islam, Women and Me (A Review)

Disclaimer: This is a blog post, which i saved in drafts and forgot to post, so sorry for the distorted timeline x

Last week whilst pondering through BBC IPlayer I happened to come across a new BBC documentary by blogger turned presenter Mehreen Baig. My initial thoughts were that it was going to be a generic programme describing the standard hardships of a Muslim women, stereotypical to a cultural environment. But I was surprised by the personal points of view brought forward which in my opinion were quite similar to my states of beliefs. I felt a connection to the Mehreen, as though it was me asking the questions. The programme was refreshing and intriguing, I think I was so focused due to the fact that that I shared similar ideals that Mehreen showed in her life. Such as not being the perfect image of a Muslim girl on the outside but still retaining the sensation and love I have for Islam on the inside. Having someone who knew the struggles of finding the perfect Muslim husband, which at my age I shouldn’t even be worried about. It was refreshing, i’v net read or watched a public figure have views like this in the Muslim community, I think i’m just glad that someone finally came forward with a new perspective of the struggle of some Muslim girls in modern day Britain. Bringing forward the conflict of some Muslim girls of today’s generation who are labelled as being too “white”, the girls who live a double life juggling expectations and exploration. Stating the taboo of the Pakistani culture of how sometimes it is too dark to comprehend, as from my experiences i too realise the eyes always watching from behind my head. There was a mix of different opinion from strict to liberal, which i believe worked well in portraying the different depictions of a modern Muslim women at different parts of what i like to call the “belief spectrum”. I think that due to myself living this double life, the programme gave me a sense of reassurance that i was not just a 1%, but in fact there were also other Muslim women who did not love in the most strict of ways. However, it also made me reflect on my life from another perspective, all I can say at this point is that my future feels like it will be changing.


Z x



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